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SAP HANA Cloud’s Key Services & Advantages
30th January 2023

SAP HANA Cloud is a fully managed database that incorporates and enhances the SAP HANA platform's already-existing capabilities. As a platform with cutting-edge data and analytics applications, SAP HANA Cloud can combine data from different sources and in various formats. The database is able to integrate with both your on-site infrastructure and cloud systems and can scale to fit your expanding demands.

One of the databases’ main advantages is that you are able to deliver transactions and analytics simultaneously without having to duplicate the data. This allows you to construct and run high-performance transactional applications while receiving real-time analytics.

The databases’ highly scalable centralized data repository combined with a native disk storage extension can provide flexible storage tiering capabilities to allow an optimal price-performance ratio for any scenario your enterprise might find itself in.

Another benefit SAP HANA Cloud offers is the ability to develop smart applications with embedded advanced machine learning to analyse sensitive data while protecting privacy. These embedded machine learning libraries and capabilities for integrating common data science and machine learning tools are what allow SAP HANA Cloud to facilitate smart applications.

This results in the ability to process vital data at incredible speeds, perform advanced analytics on live transactional data and manage data more efficiently with the databases’ integrated multi-tier storage. This is all possible due to SAP HANA Cloud’s innovative unified multi-model database system.

SAP HANA Cloud will elevate your business’s processes with faster data access and better insights through machine learning techniques and its real-time analysing prowess. The resulting data can be seamlessly fed to your preferred analytics tool, leading to more optimized outputs. It is an innovative tool that can streamline multiple processes, thereby helping your business achieve growth and optimal performance.